Whakatāne Kiwi Project Partners

Five organisations formed the partnership which has brought the Whakatāne Kiwi Project to fruition.  All parties signed the ‘Whakatāne-Ōhope Sites Biodiversity Management Plan in 2011 and work together to achieve the Project goals.

Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservationcommonly known as ‘DOC’, is the government organisation that deals with the conservation of New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage.

DOC’s contribution to the Whakatāne Kiwi Project includes supervision of the species management work of the project, funding, technical advice, in-kind support and administration support.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) monitors the effects of human activities on environment of the region.

Amongst other responsibilities, the BOPRC has contributed funding, advice, staff and in-kind donations to the Whakatāne Kiwi Project. The BOPRC team also co-ordinates pest control, while the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust actively manages the annual pest control programme. This partnership allows reinforces the success of the Project.

Whakatāne District Council

As a local government authority, the Whakatāne District Council (WDC) is responsible for dealing with a wide range of issues relevant to the Whakatāne area.

WDC’s role in the Whakatāne Kiwi Project includes such activities as coordinating road marking of kiwi symbols on the local roads, in-kind support from staff and distribution of information through Council communications. WDC also contributes to pest control costs on Council reserves.

Te Runanga o Ngāti Awa

Te Runanga o Ngāti Awa is the governing body of a local Maori iwi (tribe), Ngāti Awa. Ngāti Awa is the tangata whenua (people of the land) for the area of the Whakatāne Kiwi Project. They have an important role as the kaitiaki (guardians) of kiwi.  

Te Runanga o Ngāti Awa contributes to the cost of pest control on land that it administers. The Runanga also supports the Project through its representation on Te Tapatoru a Toi (The Joint Management Committee), which is the statutory body formed after completion of the Ngāti Awa Treaty settlement process. Te Tapatoru a Toi is the governing body for the Ōhope Scenic Reserve.

Whakatāne Kiwi Trust

The Whakatāne Kiwi Trust was set up in 2006 as a charitable trust to promote and protect kiwi and other native species in the Whakatāne area.  The Trust represents the community contribution to the Project and has an integral role in the Whakatāne Kiwi Project, coordinating and liaising with all other partners.