Making a donation is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply fill in the details below, click through to the payment page and voila – all done!

Here are some examples of what your donation may contribute to:

Provide kiwi aversion training for one dog: $50.00

Kiwi health check: $150.00

Sponsoring a Stoat Trap

If you or your organisation are keen to sponsor a Stoat trap within the Kiwi Protection area please fill in the form below and we'll get the ball rolling.

Sponsoring a trap:

The cost to sponsor a stoat trap is $135 per annum. You also have the ability to see your trap online to monitor ‘trap catches’ and if you email us your business logo we will add it to the trapping project map.

Check out the map by following the link. You can even choose a trap yourself if you prefer: http://www.whakatanekiwi.com/map.aspx

Click on each trap to view the most recent catches.


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Your donation will: Provide kiwi aversion training for one dog: $50.00
Sponsor one trap: $135.00 per annum
Cover the cost of a Kiwi health check: $150.00
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Our refund policy:
If you donate money to us in good faith, later change your mind and decide that you want a refund, please Email us with your name, the amount donated, and an estimate of the date of the donation. We will refund your donation.

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