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Kiwi Tracker – a Whakatāne gem

Kiwi Tracker is a programme unique to Whakatāne and designed to be used in conjunction with the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust education resource.   The package ‘Kiwi - Whakatāne' (PDF, 8MB) is exclusively for local teachers to help school children learn about their environment, the unique features of New Zealand and how all Kiwis have a responsibility to protect our special place in the world.

Following theory-based learning to get to know about kiwi, their habitat and protecting the endangered bird, students are able to experience the reality of bush life. Seeing dead stoats caught in traps, touching kiwi eggshells, feathers and burrows and walking the tracks used by Whakatāne Kiwi Project volunteers are all part of the deal.

Generous funding from Whakatāne West Rotary has provided for the erection of a distinctive whare (shelter) in the Ōhope Scenic Reserve.  The whare is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kiwi Tracker programme, offering students the opportunity to sit down and take a break while on their expedition.  The shelter is not a public facility: it’s a special place for our young people.

For more information, or to book a Kiwi Tracker experience, email Bridget Palmer.