Do you live near Kiwi?

In the Whakatāne area, kiwi are literally in our backyard.  Whether you live, work and play here, or you are a visitor, there are a number of things you can do to help protect kiwi.

  • Keep dogs out of kiwi zones.
  • Have your dog kiwi aversion trained.
  • If you live adjacent to a reserve, keep your cat in at night and consider not replacing it.
  • Watch for kiwi on our roads. You are more likely to see a kiwi than a possum, so take a second glance.

Dogs find the strong musky smell of kiwi irresistible and sniff kiwi out and kill them – one loose dog could decimate the entire Whakatāne kiwi population.

Kiwi aversion training

It only takes ten minutes to put your dog through kiwi aversion training, which is an effective way of deterring your dog from being attracted to kiwi.  The Whakatāne Kiwi Trust organises regular kiwi aversion training sessions – email us to register or find out more.