Bequests and living gifts

The Whakatāne Kiwi Trust welcomes all types of donations, including living gifts and bequests.


Living Gifts

By making a living gift you have the benefit of seeing the outcome of your generosity as your contribution assists the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust with achieving its vision of ‘Healthy Forest, Healthy Kiwi, Healthy Community’.

Living gifts can be made as a regular automatic payment or as a single donation.


After you have taken care of your loved ones, a gift in your will could help to ensure that Whakatāne kiwi continue to thrive, and to provide life enriching experiences for future generations.

There are four main types of gifts you can choose to leave to a charity.

  1.   Residual:  The remainder of your estate after considering your loved ones.
  2.   Percentage or fractional:  A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of your estate.
  3.   Pecuniary or specific:  A specified gift which can be money, property, stocks or shares.
  4.   Whole estate:  This comprises your entire estate and is usually left by those without beneficiaries or those wanting to achieve something very significant.

You should talk to your legal advisor about the type of gift that best suits you and your estate. Your legal advisor can also provide appropriate wording to be included within your will.

The majority of gifts in wills are provided for the ‘general purpose’ of the charities or organisations they are left to. General gifts provide flexibility to respond to issues as they arise, however we would be delighted to discuss with you possible options if you wish to make a gift toward a specific purpose or aspect of the Whakatāne Kiwi Project’s work.

What is most important to us is that you feel comfortable with your decision.

To arrange a confidential discussion about your plan to support the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust please contact: